The Cats Prepare for Winter

This is Callie in her new bed. My plan was to blog about how dumb I was to go out and buy new stuff for the cats that they didn’t want just because we were in for some winter weather. I went to the other room to get my camera so that I could take […]

Contentment Diary 1/6/10, Metablogging

Today my brother asked when I would go back to work instead of just blogging and such. I yammered on about semester preparations and the projects owed hither and yon to professional organizations, generally attempting to justify my existence, but really the whole time I was thinking, “But blogging is my work.” Then I remembered […]

Book Club Favorites 2009

My favorite books discussed by the Bobcats Read book club at school during the calendar year 2009 (in no certain order): Prodigal Summer A Thousand Splendid Suns The Known World A Confederacy of Dunces The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty March Outliers The House on Mango Street Salem’s Lot

Contentment Diary 1/5/10

Today I sat on my bed glaring at my MacBook all day. I set my alarm for 6:00 thinking any day you set an alarm for cannot by definition be a lazy day. Not as true as you might think, it turns out. I spent all day writing the 4 pages I’d intended to have […]

Poetry Tuesday: Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope In the right light, and from the right distance, anyone can look good. Vivian Leigh at the barbeque would be jealous of you when you put on a little mascara, dim the lights, and take a picture of the mirror fifteen feet away. But under the microscope, that baby cute skin is […]

Contentment Diary

I’ve just watched Elizabeth Gilbert in a webcast event on Facebook, sponsored by This in itself was interesting as broadcast events go. She spoke through a UStream video and answered questions posted for her live on Facebook. This made me wonder if I might invite guests to my classroom in much the same way. […]

What I learned in 2009

Inspired by Billie Hara, I’ve decided to write my own “What I learned” list. I learned that retweets can serve as temporary bookmarks, reminding me of where I found ideas I want to come back to later. I learned that turning 42 puts you no closer to understanding the answer to the question of life, […]

iSlate, iGuide, iPad, iWhat?

The wait for Apple’s rumored January release of a tablet computer is the most intense anticipation for a product I’ve experienced since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I for one am drooling more than my brother’s Great Dane drools over a platter fresh baked teacakes, which oddly enough is considerable. No one even knows […]

Goals for the New Year

What is this immense cultural guilt that requires of us all that we basically resolve to get a new life every January 1? Somehow the idea we aren’t good enough the way we are is ingrained in us. I would have blamed the Puritans, but a quick Google says the practice dates back to the […]

To Kindle or Not to Kindle

Here’s my Hattiesburg American column published today: AMAZON.COM’s Christmas Day 2009 Kindle book sales outpaced print sales for the first time (reported via Likely driven by people filling up Kindles opened that day as gifts, the claim may not be terribly impressive, but it is an indication of just how much ebook sales escalated […]