July 15, 2024

I’m working on a big project right now, attempting to meet a big deadline. This means I’m randomly clicking around and looking up things like compost bins while I think through what I need to do next.

Here’s my randomstance hit of the day:

John William HARGER
CCT, Friday, 13 Jan 1967

KOSCIUSKO – Services for John William HARGER, 75, retired textile worker, Kosciusko, MS, held at Second Baptist Church, Kosciusko. Interment in Stonewall cemetery near Quitman with Jordan Funeral Home, Kosciusko, in charge. Born in Clarke Co., near Quitman; lived in Kosciusko 38 years and was brother of Owen HARGER, Quitman. Employed at Aponaug Mill here when it was in operation. Member of Second Baptist Church. Survivors – wife, Mrs. Daisy SMITH HARGER, Kosciusko; two daughters, Mrs. Jewel IVEY and Mrs. H. E. WOODS, both of Kosciusko; three sisters, Mrs. Bessie HILL, Kosciusko; Mrs. Frank COVINGTON, Weed, CA; Mrs. Eva PRIVETT, Stonewall; a brother, Owen HARGER, Quitman; nine grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren.

Don’t know how I got to this, but it’s my great-grandfather’s obituary. I’m not one of the 19 great-grandchildren, though, as I was not born for another 11 months after this.

Mrs. Jewel Ivey, the daughter mentioned, was my grandmother. I don’t know who Mrs. H.E. Woods is. I thought his only other child was Aunt Laura.

I had no idea I ever had a great-great aunt who lived in Weed, California. That’s a detail no family should forget.

Since I didn’t remember how I found his obituary, I went looking for my Mimi’s. Here it is.


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  1. Just a note of clarification, Mrs. H. E. Woods was Aunt Lora (?), wife of Everitt Woods…Evidently back then it was not unusual to have the married names in obits, such as Mrs. H. E. Woods, instead of Lora Woods… that was the sixties… Since you weren’t here yet, and I was, I do remember that being the only time in my life the body of the deceased was in wake in the family living room. Don’t know if that was common practice or not, but it was the creepiest thing I ever witnessed. May be where ‘sittin up with the dead’ came from…..

  2. It looks like we’re going to have to call in an expert to clarify whether it was Laura or Lora. I’m sure I never saw it written down.

    And Mimi’s body was at the house for the wake too. I remember that.

  3. Yes, Aunt Bea was Mamaws Aunt….she was our great great aunt, Cindy has a picture of Aunt Bea, Mamaw, Mother, herself and Jessica somewhere… or maybe Mother has it, but there was one made. I didn’t remember Mimis body being at the house, but that would have been around ’74 and I am sure I had other things on my mind by then….

  4. I was only 7. You don’t forget things like dead grandmothers in the living room when you are 7. It was the first dead person I had ever seen.

  5. I was only eight when Grand-dad died, so like you I truly remember the dead guy in the living room….

  6. Her name was pronounced Lora whether it was spelled that way or not, but I’m pretty sure it was spelled Lora. I was standing by the bathroom door when they opened it and discovered Grand-dad dead on the toilet. Had nightmares for years of him raising up in his casket. My first memory of dead person in house was Papaw when I was five. Then Grand-dad, then Mimi. The outdated practice stopped with Mammaw when Joy had the courage to end the tradition! Aunt Bea was Mimi’s (I always spelled it Memi) sister; Clarice and Charles Brasier are Aunt Bea’s children. Ruby is Aunt Lora’s daughter; Sabrina and Sheila are Ruby’s daughters.

  7. Lora Woods is my grandmother. It was spelled and pronounced Lora. Mimmie was laid in an open Casket in the living room. I was not at granddad’s funeral but I know it was the same. My name is Marie Woods Mocek. My father is Charles E. Woods, Lora Harger Woods and Harry E. Woods middle child. Robert Woods was their oldest child and Ruby Woods Hill is their youngest. Charles lives in Toledo, Ohio area as do I and all of Aunt Ruby’s family lives in Kosciusko. Uncle Bobby’s children live in various areas.

    1. Marie, I only just saw your comment today even though you posted it a couple of years ago. This is the first time I’ve logged in for quite some time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for clarifying the Aunt Lora question. It looks like we are probably 2nd cousins. My mother often talks about her cousin Charles, but Ruby is really the only one I remember very well because I would see her when visiting my grandmother in Kosciusko.

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