Deep South Vegetarian Does Game Day

If a southern woman can’t make a casserole out of it, it’s not worth eating. This holds true even for vegetarian dishes. In that spirit I give you Black Bean Burrito Casserole. I know I’ve been yammering a lot lately about the ethics of eating locally. This dish does not apply. Most of it comes […]

It's Alive!

Just as the rest of my environment looks like this… The mint in my yard looks like this… We’ve had freezes and floods and every kind of inclement weather. The world is shrouded in winter gray, but still the mint thrives. You can’t kill it. Pull it up by the roots, and it grows right […]

Breakfast and the Art of Ethical Eating

Yes, this is one of those annoying “eat this, not that” posts. I’m on a quest to reduce the chemicals in my diet, to reduce the amount of fuel used to bring my food to me, and to support the local farmer in my food purchases. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out how to do […]