I spy with Eye-Fi

This is my second year in a row to do a photo-a-day project. In 2011, I took a photo-a-day every day with a Canon DSLR. That was nice. I learned a lot. I’m happy that I finished the year. I did get tired of lugging the camera with me everywhere I went, though, and I […]

On Reading and Reflecting, Not Reviewing

I have a blog, and I like to read, so it seemed to me the thing to do with my blog–from time to time at least–was to write book reviews. I did that for a year or two perhaps, but then it struck me one day that I don’t really like to write book reviews. […]

Change of Plans

I’ve apparently grown bored with posting my daily photos to my blog. The thing is I take them with my phone, upload them to Instagram, set Instagram to automatically load them to Facebook and Flickr, and then if I post them on the blog, I go to Flickr to post from there. But by the […]