Month: August 2011

Meet Me At The Rock #photoaday #project365

244 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Stone. I thought the ODC word today was “rock.” I said as I was leaving work today that I was going to stop at the Southern Miss campus […]

Unfinished #photoaday #profect365

243 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Finished. Another rushed day that isn’t finished yet…

You Are a Friend of Mine #photoaday #project365

242 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Friend. I stayed late at the office today just trying to catch up a little. Did I mention that we moved into this lovely new building just as […]

Note to Self #photoaday #project365

241 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Spotted. This is a basket in my office. It’s sort of a cheerful sight even on hectic days. All of this wording on here is a little busy, […]

Even Monkeys Get the Blues #photoaday #project365

240 of 365.  Our Daily Challenge — Blue. Today I did what I always do on the Saturday after the first week of a new semester. I crashed. I didn’t mean to, but I did. […]

Coming Soon to a Diet Near You

If I remember correctly, I’ve been a vegetarian since 1994, though to be honest, it’s been long enough that I may not have the exact year straight in my head.  Suffice it to say that […]

Distant Concerns #photoaday #project365

239 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Distance. I took this first thing this morning when the sun was shining through the trees in the distance, and my concerns for the day were still at […]

New Desk After One Week of Classes
Still Life in Office Window #photoaday #project365

238 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Bottle.

Feed the Children #photoaday #project365

237 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Stand.