Confessions of a Bookaholic

That book thing is making the rounds again. You know, the one where the BBC thinks you haven’t read very many books. There’s a list of 100 books the BBC thinks you haven’t read. The game is to mark off the ones you have read and prove them wrong. I did it a couple of […]

Married Man

Married Man, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald.

Possible Sharon

I went to a meeting today. Yes, a meeting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, on the day after a big family wedding, and right in the middle of my biggest grading crunch of the semester. I’m dedicated that way. I’m full of PD. I’m full of something anyway. We talked about a number of things, […]

Bride & Groom

Bride & Groom, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald.

Accidental Motivation

Nearly all of my motivation comes at me sideways rather than head on. I’m not a bull-by-the-horns girl. I’m a let’s-see-if-we-can-create-the-conditions-necessary-for-inspiration girl. I don’t even believe in inspiration per se. I do believe diving into the work is the only path toward payoff, no matter what the work might be. It just takes me some […]

It's not you (The Diet, Day 124)

It’s not you, South Beach Diet. It’s me. Truly, it’s not your fault, but we are going to have to part company now. I’m sure you realize we’ve been drifting apart for weeks now. This can’t come as a surprise. You’re a good diet. I’m sure you’ll be very good for someone else. You did […]

Contentment Diary: 11/25/2010

All of America is writing “I am thankful” on Facebook this morning, and I am reminded that I have not written a contentment diary post in quite some time. Somewhere earlier in the year, I amused myself with the idea of writing curmudgeonly entries and calling them a contentment diary. It still amuses me. Far […]

Test Post Posted to Avoid Grading Tests

This is just a test post to find out if the plug-in I just installed to my blog will do what I think it is supposed to do and automatically share my posts on Facebook. I was using Networked Blogs, but it seems to have quit on me. Now I’m trying something else. Perhaps it […]

Ted Talk: Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work

Interesting. I’m not so sure about his idea of Silent Thursdays. I work at a school. Silent days would be impossible there. I don’t know how they would work at a corporation either. It seems to me they would be so oppressive as to be dysfunctional. Part of productivity, I think, is feeling like you […]