Contentment Diary 1/8/10, Snow Day Without Snow

Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after the Christmas break. It would have been registration, which would have meant that just about the time the panic truly set in about how much I needed to do before classes started, I would have been stuck helping students register with no time […]

How I Wrote "Blazes"

I’ve just written and posted a poem that I have tentatively titled “Blazes.” People frequently ask how I write, so I’m going to talk about this one while it is fresh enough to remember. First, there was a Twitter event on Tuesday of this week in which people were posting poetry, talking about poetry and […]


If you have a bulldozer, or if you are a bulldozer, the only thing stopping your uphill battles is gravity. No need to experiment. Will man or machine fall faster down the levee? It’s been done before. Every 2nd grade boy will tell you. It’s all the same, man. It’s all the same. But go […]