Month: July 2011

A Feast Fit for a Feathered Friend #photoaday #project365

213 of 365. The muscadines are coming in, and they are good if you can get to them before the birds do. We’ve been feeding a lot of birds.

Even Silence has an End by Ingrid Betancourt

55 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. Even Silence Has an End is quite the interesting captivity narrative. Ingrid Bentancourt was campaigning for president of Columbia when she was captured by guerrillas. She spent the […]

Along Came a Spider #photoaday #project365

212 of 365. This is blocking my front door. I don’t want to disturb it. I guess I’ll be coming and going from the back door until my spider friend finds a new home.

New Day Dawns #photoaday #project365

211 of 365. My mother’s violets occupy some prime real estate right next to a window. They look particularly nice in the morning light.

Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

54 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. Silent in the Grave is a charming little piece of mind candy. There’s nothing important or thought-provoking or deeply meaningful about it. It’s a historical mystery with quite […]

Tennis Anyone?  #photoaday #project365

210 of 365. My dad’s puppy is a little lonely with him in the hospital. Somebody please play ball with the baby.

Stop and Smell the Pretty Stuff #photoaday #project365

209 of 365. This has been a very long day, but it’s just about over now. Time to stop and smell the pretty stuff.

I Am Number 1 #photoaday #project365

208 of 365. Is there a cat alive that is not convinced of his/her own superiority? This one looks a little demented in this shot, but it still manages to pull off an air of […]

Shroom Season #photoaday #project365

207 of 365. All the rain we’ve gotten the past week or so has really brought out the fungi. These are popping up all over my yard. I suspect a Smurf invasion.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

53 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. A Visit from the Good Squad is remarkably well done. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. It won the Pulitzer Prize. It was supposed to be […]