Full Moon

This is what I saw on my drive home tonight. I’ve never wished more that I owned a more powerful lens.

New Rule

Don’t put more than 10 items on a to-do list.  Preferably, restrict your list to five or six accomplishable tasks. Remember the Queen in Through the Looking Glass who tells Alice that she sometimes believes in six impossible things before breakfast?  That’s a fantastic way to live.  I believe in impossible things all day every […]

Weekly Checkpoint

Maybe I should do this every week, but I won’t because it would be too depressing.   I want to remind myself that there’s no rest for the wicked right now, though, so here’s an analysis of my goals and outcomes for the week. 1.  Catch up on grading.  Fail. 2. Achieve inbox zero.  Fail. 3. […]

The Unbearable Plague of Ideas, Part 2

Well, I did it.  This is what’s wrong with being me.  Something hits me as possible while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning, and I can’t go to bed that night before I’ve made it happen no matter how many other things I have to do.  Thus, I now have a new website:  Trailing […]

The Unbearable Plague of Ideas

When JK Rowling said that Harry Potter walked into her head one day fully formed with a life of his own, I thought, “Oh, I know how that feels.”  Alas, the next Harry Potter has not walked into my head, but Big Ideas traipse around in there on a continual basis. Today, my to-do list […]

Out on a Limb with a Nano Cam

The above video was filmed by one of my students for a class project. I’m sure I’ll post it on Teacherly Tech as well under some other context, but I want to talk here about how happy I was to see this video. It doesn’t have anything to do with being out on a limb, […]

Poetry Tuesday: Cornucopia

Cornucopia, Poem by Sharon Gerald  Download now or listen on posterous Cornucopia, Poem.mp3 (1526 KB) Cornucopia The cornucopia of confusion is the one thing I doubt we are punished for in the end. Children munching Apple Jacks on God's living room carpet, how were we to even guess our own consequences, that an unkind word was […]

Poetry Tuesday: Cruel Balance

Cruel Balance, Poem by Sharon Gerald  Download now or listen on posterous Cruel Balance, Poem.mp3 (1253 KB) Cruel Balance This is you, teetering here– bitter yesterday's coffee and a spoon of sugar, everything repulsive and desired. This is you, a headache at the party, a joke at the meeting, a backward glance where it should never […]

How to Make an E-Portfolio Using WordPress

I may not be finished with this, but I am finished for now.  I think WordPress is the best tool for creating e-portfolios, but it isn't the easiest.  Either that, or I've spent way too much time explaining the obvious.  Posted via email from Just Haphazardry