Five Months and Onward

Today marks the end of my fifth month of daily blogging. I haven’t missed a day in five months, but I figure I’ve accumulated about five good days of blogging in that time… I have mixed feelings about daily blogging. Forcing yourself to write and write publicly even through times of stress, overwork, physical exhaustion, […]

Butts in the Air

It's the new "Pants on the Ground." Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

Rules, Regarding Food and Similar Substances

I said I was going to blog my way through Michael Pollan’s Food Rules this summer, and so far I have only written about Rule #1: “Eat food.” This is because I haven’t mastered Rule 1 yet. I figure I should have some success with the first step before taking the second. Eat food, he […]

Playing with Photoblogs

I set up a new blog today. A girl can never have too many blogs. This one is called Journally Imagery, and it’s a photoblog of only things I want to share with students as writing prompts. I used Posterous for this rather than WordPress because I need this blog to operate the quick and […]

I Can Fly

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Posted via email from Journally Imagery