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Pain Diary #5

on breaking the rules I imagine myself hiking without pain because this is what the therapy exercise has told me to do. I do it wrong. Even my dreams know the climb is hard. I […]

Pain Diary #4

on keeping your hands to yourself Don’t shake hands during an epidemic, we are told,and I am begging you not to ever shake my hand. Like so many thingsforced with the best of intentions on […]

Pain Diary #3

on broken hearts and bad hips Your country will break your heart again.It will break your heart like a bad boyfriend,like the liberal feminist boyfriendwho has hated every female boss he has ever had, like […]

Pain Diary #2

on the fear that kills My friend died because he thought he would be firedif he admitted he was deathly sick.He died of cancer,but he died faster of fear, stress, overwhelm,and the isolation of believing […]

Pain Diary #1

on asking for help in all the wrong places Once I told a doctor my shoulder hurt.He said maybe the pain came from my wristbecause what did I know?He sent me for a test on […]

Newt Knight and the Free State of Movie Mania

There’s been a lot of excitement around Jones County and South Mississippi lately because Gary Ross of Hunger Games fame (just for a start) is gearing up to shoot a film about a local Civil […]

The Quiet Gene

(iPhone photo #58 in my 2012 365+1 project) My resolution for today will have to be to write more. On that note, I’m going to share what I shared with my writing group this evening. […]

Selected Readings from Thin is the Kingdom

Listen to me reading a few of the poems from my new collection of poetry. At the Hog, At the Hog April 2/3s Thirst Available now through Pinyon Press of Grand Junction, Colorado. Contact Carol […]

Meditation on the Death of the Ants

The ants make mounds of their dead after I have flooded them out with the water hose. I squat, hunched over, wondering at them. I am human here and no good substitute for benevolence, having […]

I’ve got blurb

These are blurbs for my book of poetry (“Thin is the Kingdom”) to be released at some unknown date in the nearish future by Pinyon Press of Colorado. From Mark Cox. How best to describe […]