Hang in there

(iPhone photo #31 in my 2012 365+1 project) This was one of those days where the only thing to do when you come home from the office is to put on your PJs and tell yourself to hang in there. I am the bug at the bottom of the avalanche. I did, however, get out […]

Walk proud and prosper

(iPhone photo #30 in my 2012 365+1 project) I can see this lake from my office. If there weren’t cars parked between me and them, I’d probably while my day away watching the ducks. The cars just aren’t that entertaining. I can see the lake, though, and I can see the people walking around it. […]


(iPhone photo #29 in my 2012 365+1 project) We’ve been trying to teach Annie the dog about boundaries, as in she has some she is supposed to stay within. She wears a collar now for a wireless fence system, and this has taught her that she isn’t supposed to leave the yard on her own. […]

Good Time Had By All

(iPhone photo #28 in my 2012 365+1 project) Big day today with birthday parties for four boys and a dog. Annie got a new bone for her birthday. I lost count of what the boys got. I just know that I’ve had too much fun today to even think about making a resolution journal post. […]

On preparing to prepare

(iPhone photo #27 in my 2012 365 +1 project) You are my sunshine, grocery store flower bin. I don’t want to take you home with me in case you make me sneeze or something, but I like to look at you when I walk through the door. Never change. I like you just the way […]

The Biggest Gloomsday

(iPhone photo #26 in my 2012 365 +1 project) Gloomy is such a mild term for what this morning was. Downright miserable might be getting closer. It came a gully-washer. I wondered if I needed a boat to get to work when I left my house, and by the time I made it to the […]

On Taking the Stairs

(iPhone photo, #25 in my 2012 365 project) The truth is I always prefer to take the stairs over the elevator because I feel claustrophobic in elevators, but I like to believe I have a higher purpose, that the stairs are symbol of some sort of resolute virtue in me. Of course, there’s nothing virtuous […]

Just another quacky Monday #photoaday #project365

23 of 365. My phone photos this year aren’t nearly as good as my camera photos from last year, but I’m enjoying the project just as much with far less pressure. I’m calling that a win. What’s probably not a win is my attempt to exercise by walking around the lake today. I went out […]

Besties #photoaday #project365

22 of 365. Annie loves me so much she tried to give me her favorite toy — a dead mouse that she’s been carrying around for days now. I declined the kind offer by squealing and running in the house. The shot is a little blurry. It’s just a phone photo, and she is physically […]