Just do the right thing

I’m borrowing a life lesson from my Daddy tonight because I’m fresh out of my own: “When we do what’s right, the Lord blesses us.” In another belief system, this might be called karma. What goes around comes around. Do right, and blessings come to you. This is not to be confused with playing tit […]

On listening to inner voices

I had a friend once who would say to me “time to change the channel” when I started talking too much about how I felt about one thing or another. I didn’t much care for this attitude at the time. If I was still talking, I still had something to say. I didn’t think that […]

Happiness vs. Me

I’ve decided to start a new blog series called Happiness vs. Me. I feel like I’ve often made my own quest for happiness into a fight with myself, and that hardly ever works out well, but sometimes it’s all I’ve got. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years, and I am in such a […]