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Hattiesburg American Column:  4/1/2011

Today I made a paper crane as a symbol of hope for Japan. It cost me about a dozen sheets of wasted paper and a few rounds of watching “Origami Crane Folding Instructions – Slow […]

Hattiesburg American Column 2/17/2011

Here’s my column that appears in today’s Hattiesburg American. *** Last week I attended at ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Mississippi School for the Arts in Brookhaven. They’ve been awarded a grant from the Mississippi Department […]

Hattiesburg American Column 1/5/2010

My column that appears in the Hattiesburg American today. I HAVE A GOAL FOR 2011 — to take one photograph (at least one) every day for the entire 365 days of the year. I’m reluctant […]

Christmas Column

This is my column that appeared in the Hattiesburg American earlier this week. *** I don’t know how my mother managed to make Christmas the special time it always was. We never had enough money […]

Hattiesburg American Column:  11/16/2010

Here’s my column that appears today in the Hattiesburg American: I started a diet over the summer when Robert St. John said in his column that he was going on a diet. I quit my […]

Hattiesburg American Column: 9/16/2010

Here’s my column that appears today in the Hattiesburg American: TO THE QUESTION of “Can good composition teaching be done under present circumstances?” Edward M. Hopkins said “no.” Teachers are overworked to the point of […]

Hattiesburg American Column: 8/27/2010

My column that appears today in The Hattiesburg American. *** ON July 26, I read Robert St. John’s column, “The Earl of Sandwich,” and decided I was going on a diet. I know it was […]

Today's Column: 7/27/2010

In today’s Hattiesburg American: Last week Newsweek featured an article claiming creativity is on the decline in America. This conclusion comes from a study at the College of William and Mary. It’s based on Torrence […]

Today's Column

From the Hattiesburg American. A FEW DAYS AGO I sat in Starbucks wishing I had my camera with me. A line of people formed, all waiting to order lattes, all looking down at phones rather […]

Saving Our Place

Here’s my column that appeared yesterday in the Hattiesburg American. I was nervous about this one. I thought people would leave rude comments on it. I usually write about things that aren’t in the least […]