When You Give a Pig a Pancake #photoaday #project365

120 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Book title. There’s a children’s book called, “When You Give a Pig a Pancake.” Turns out when you give a pig a pancake, she’ll probably ask for some syrup.

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

21 of 52 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. I Am the Messenger is by the same person who gave us The Book Thief, which I believe is my favorite read so far this year. I was disappointed in I Am the Messenger, but I believe I could have only been disappointed by this book […]

Just Kids by Patti Smith

20 of 52 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. When I heard that Patti Smith’s Just Kids had won the National Book Award, I have to admit I was surprised and even a little skeptical. That quickly evolved to intrigued when one friend after another posted praises of it on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads […]

Wedding Tea #photoaday #project365

119 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — British. Happy St. Catherine’s Day, everyone. And yes, even though it was before dawn in Mississippi, I got up and watched the wedding. And yes, even in Mississippi, Royal Wedding memorabilia is everywhere. The Wills and Kate figures here came out of a greeting card that I found […]

To the storm victims #photoaday #project365

118 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — In the mirror. In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we didn’t see that much from the storms that went through yesterday, but not so far away whole towns are absolutely devastated. I grieve today for what they are facing. I don’t know what to say other than my heart and prayers […]

Hey, hey… #photoaday #project365

117 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Heads or Tails. Theme from The Monkees By Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart Here we come, walkin’ Down the street. We get the funniest looks from Ev’ry one we meet. Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees And people say we monkey around. But we’re too busy singing To put […]