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In which Jane Austen did not have an MFA

This morning I’ve been pondering the fact that Jane Austen did not have an MFA, and before anyone starts arguing about the value of an MFA, please be assured that I don’t care whether you […]

Only this and nothing more

For All Hallow’s Weekend, I give you James Earl Jones reading The Raven. This is even better if you listen to the version that includes a little help from The Simpsons.

Lady Lazarus Rising

We have a newly discovered Ted Hughes poem about the death of his wife, Sylvia Plath. And I have newly discovered that I can listen to Sylvia Plath reading Lady Lazarus on YouTube. Haunting, I’d […]

JK Rowling on Fear and Failure

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

Kate Campbell is Coming to Town

I’m excited to say we have Kate Campbell coming to JCJC in April to help us Celebrate Eudora Welty’s birthday. She is a singer/songwriter who has written music based on Welty’s fiction. She also writes […]

Au Revoir, Barry Hannah

Barry Hannah, 1942-2010


who would believe them winged who would believe they could be beautiful who would believe they could fall so in love with mortals that they would attach themselves as scars attach and ride the skin […]

why some people be mad at me sometimes

they ask me to remember but they want me to remember their memories and i keep on remembering mine ~Lucille Clifton, “why some people be mad at me sometimes,” from Blessing the Boats, New and […]

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve just finished listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s followup book to Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, listening. I’ve developed a real thing for audio books, especially since I discovered Audible + iPod. I have to say I […]

Margaret Walker on Poverty and Racial Conflict

Chapter 5 of Margaret Walker’s Jubilee could be read on its own as an essay. It carries some of the narrative threads of the novel, but it also offers a history lesson as well as […]