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The Future of the Book

Often, I post links to articles on Facebook, not because I’ve read them, but because I want to read them. I put them there to remind myself to go back to read them later when […]

Playing tennis without a ball (The Diet, Day 18)

I realize I’ve harped for a few days about my new Wii, but I think that’s okay.  It’s a harp-worthy topic…at least to me. Probably every poet in the free world can quote you the […]

And she says Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home (The Diet, Day 12)

I woke up this morning to the realization that I had to buy a Wii.  Strictly for medical purposes, you understand.  School starts for me on Monday, and something has to control my stress levels […]

For the love of the iPad

I’ve been asked to give a 45 minute talk next week on the iPad in education. I have about 30 seconds worth of stuff to say on that, so it occurs to me that I […]

Reading and Cleaning, Partly

I’ve been trying to convince myself I enjoy housework by playing an audio book while I saunter about the house making pretenses at improving the general situation. What I can say for this method is […]

Today's Column

From the Hattiesburg American. A FEW DAYS AGO I sat in Starbucks wishing I had my camera with me. A line of people formed, all waiting to order lattes, all looking down at phones rather […]

The iPad, Day 2

Today I wrote a column about the downside of excess gadgetry. I sent it off and left for the office carrying a bag that contained an iPad, an HP net book, an iPhone, and an […]

iPads and iDeals

I have an iPad. I have one in my possession at any rate. Technically it belongs to the school, but it has just been synched with my iTunes account, and I’ve just purchased some stuff […]

iPad and Blackboard

Since I don’t actually have an iPad yet (emphasis on yet), I’m free to devote what I time I do have for it to pure speculation about the joys and trials it might bring to […]

A Task Force of One

This morning my computer asked if I wanted to continue reading my book on the last page I read on the computer or on the last page I read on the phone. I picked the […]