Beware the Aliens

And I don’t mean Mexicans in Arizona or in Mississippi either. I mean them. Out there in the universe somewhere. We need to be afraid of them, says Stephen Hawking. Great. I could handle this if Tom Cruise had said it, but this is Stephen Hawking, certified smart man. I decided there wasn’t much I […]

Meanwhile in the Gulf

The oil spill in the Gulf sounds downright frightening and horrifying. I don’t even know what to say about it, and if I take the time to figure out what to say about it, I probably won’t manage to finish my grades tonight as I am fairly well committed to do. The past couple of […]

Deadlines and Online Students

I think it is wrong to use a blog to complain about student behavior. Most anything else about the job of teaching is probably fair game for blog complaints, but not students. You know, if you don’t like your students, you are probably in the wrong profession in the first place, and even so you […]

Closer Every Day

The semester is winding down for me. I turn in my grades in just a couple of days. I have a couple more weeks of going to work after that during which time I will continue to be surprisingly busy. Perhaps it sounds odd to say my semester ends this week and then ends again […]

My New Home

This place is starting to look real now. I wonder if it is time to start cleaning out my office. It will probably take me another year to get it ready to move. Posted via web from Just Haphazardry

At War I Am

I lost a pepper plant. It’s a sad day. It died some time during the night. I checked on my plants after the storm last night. They were fine, if a little wind blown. This morning a pepper plant was gone. Missing. Nowhere to be seen. The dirt where it had been was freshly overturned. […]

A Task Force of One

This morning my computer asked if I wanted to continue reading my book on the last page I read on the computer or on the last page I read on the phone. I picked the phone because I had read from it more recently. The computer sent me to the right page. I read for […]


Posted via web from Just Haphazardry

First Blossom

This is my first tomato blossom if the season. It has shown up just in time to be destroyed in the coming storms. Posted via web from Just Haphazardry

Eight More Days

I have eight more days of elevated stress levels as I work through my end-of-year grading marathon. Students of course are emailing and calling to ask about grades. They don’t know that I have to choose between answering their questions about when things will be grading and actually doing the grading. One day I will […]