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61-64 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. I’m going to have to cheat here and play catch up by the quick blog plan on my book responses. I have seriously lagged behind on book blogging lately. I’m starting to forget what I’ve even read much less when I read it or what I thought about […]

Flying Solo #photoaday #project365

301 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Wide Angle Minimalism. I wasn’t able to do a true wide angle minimalist shot today, so I made do with a little cropping.

Dearly Departed #photodaday #project365

300 of 365. I called Daisy Smith Harger “Mimi.” She is the only one of my great-grandparents that I have any real memories of. I had one other great-grandmother who lived a few years longer than Mimi, and I do remember her, but I don’t have a strong image of her in my head. I […]

When Live Gives Limes #photoaday #project365

299 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — When life gives you lemons. Lemons…or limes. I’m not sure what you are supposed to do except put a little salt on it and suck up the good with the bitter.

On This Rock #photoaday #project365

298 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Rock, Paper, Scissors. I could probably come up with an explanation for how this represents “rock, paper, scissors” if I weren’t so tired. It’s just been a long day, and when I picked up my camera to look for a picture to take, this was what I saw. […]

Just Do It! #photoaday #project365

297 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Going Green. One thing that makes Grumpy Smurf truly grumpy is people who don’t recycle.

Purple Power #photoaday #project365

296 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Purple. They call them blueberries, but they look purple enough to me. They are a power food. I ate them this morning on top of steel cut oats, along with walnuts, coconut, and brown sugar. It tasted more like a dessert than a breakfast. I’m afraid I went […]