Month: January 2010

The Power of the Blog

Last week I posted that I was out of blueberries from my parents’ yard to put in my oatmeal. This week they are magically replenished.

Cat Named Cat

Cats tend to adopt you when you aren’t paying attention. My mother belongs to this cat. She is called cat because she is just a stray. She lives outdoors, you know. She doesn’t even like […]

Yesterday's Fortune

I think that’s called positive visualization, but if it worked a whole lot more people would be winning the lottery.

Here No Elsewhere

The Importance of Elsewhere by Philip Larkin Lonely in Ireland, since it was not home, Strangeness made sense. The salt rebuff of speech, Insisting so on difference, made me welcome: Once that was recognised, we […]

Sign of the Times
Shady Business

I didn’t get very far on photography or work today. I mainly just wandered from one meeting to another while at work. This was my view from the last meeting of the day, though…the book […]

Twitter is a Party Line On Which I Hang Up

~a prose poem for a Black and Gold Super Bowl You don’t always know who’s listening, who can breathe without making a sound while you chatter on about lunch and the way sweet tea tastes […]

Mailbox Art

What can I say? I live in a great neighborhood.

Out to Play
Then and Now

This is in my neighborhood…if I get to call it that considering I live on the working class street next to this one. Someone built a garage to look like an old fashioned barn despite […]