The Garden of Good Intentions, Part 2

I took a day off today. This wasn’t a day when I didn’t go to the office because I had meetings elsewhere. I just didn’t go. I didn’t grade. I didn’t do any part of my job. I took an actual day off. For landscaping. There were landscapers about ready to scape, and I had […]

Spring Roll

Posted via web from Just Haphazardry This was taken with my phone. It doesn’t count as part of my photography project, but it was my dinner tonight. It’s from that Thai place over on that little road over there behind the old mall and before you get to the dealership. That one, not the other […]

National Poetry Month is Almost Here

I love that people all around me go crazy with writing poems every April. Okay, not everyone around me, but the poets do. I can’t follow suit. I tried last year to join the poem-a-day for April festivities. I lasted two days. Two very fine days. If I were to make another attempt, I might […]

Moon of Hearts

Same moon. Different shutter speed. Sometimes in low light photographs come out looking like paintings, especially if your hand shakes. Sometimes moons come out looking like hearts. Beautiful moon out tonight.

The Garden of Good Intentions

I should have spent yesterday grading. I mean I really should have. I was mentally recovering from putting on a symposium (along with Sheldon Walcher, Kim Walker, and others) at USM on digital composition. I didn’t feel capable of grading, and it’s a theory of mine that it isn’t fair to students to force myself […]

There's Always One

There’s always one. No matter if you are a turtle or a duck, one among you is headed his own way, probably without even noticing what the others are up to. It is human nature, they say, and animal nature, I suppose, to conform, to stand in line just because the world is in a […]

Picture This

I am standing at the kitchen window, camera in hand, watching for Bluebirds a Cardinal perhaps, or a Cedar Waxwing. I am standing like my mother has stood these 70 years, her hands in dish water, soapy with the long day’s end of sighing over children. She is standing in my mind like her mother […]

Playing with Pictures

Here’s a writing exercise I created tonight using some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately. I enjoyed playing around with it if nothing else. Note: This version doesn’t look as good as the one on my computer. I had to reduce the file sizes on the images in order to upload it. If you’d […]

Five Turtle Bend

IMG_3582, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald. On the JCJC campus. I don’t see many people at work in the course of a normal day since my office is something of a cave, and all of my classes are online right now. I offer this picture up as proof that I was at work today. 🙂