Contentment Diary 1/12/09–Another Project

Today someone mentioned the book, Happiness Project, and I thought, “Great. Another happy-go-lucky memoir meant to guilt people into believing they aren’t trying hard enough to improve their own lives (and into buying the book, of course).” Now that I’ve admitted publicly having that thought I’ll probably buy the book too just to ease up […]

Poetry Tuesday: Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit The idea of meeting God at the tangerine is more than just your own desire for color, texture, the intricacies of a pattern you could not create on your own beyond the lines your face makes in the mirror as wrinkles gather in the margins. It’s more than the knowledge you’ve […]

Evil Love Laugh Owns You

Today I walked around campus for my lunch break, meaning I walked around campus after I came back from lunch and after I made myself sit still long enough to update some handouts for the spring semester. It was a good day for a walk. Someone will clean the graffiti out of the wisteria arbors […]