In Search of Funk

There’s a problem with this picture, mainly in that it was taken outside the Liberal Arts Building on the USM campus, and it’s the best graffiti I could find. This is the building where the poets and misfits go to school, and this is all they can come up with? Largely the area is clean […]


When Patti said she was doing the Shutter Sisters 365 Project, I was so tempted, but January was already half over when I got my camera, and I lack the confidence to compete with some of the brilliant photography I see at Shutter Sisters. Plus, I know myself. I might be obsessively snapping pictures right […]

why some people be mad at me sometimes

they ask me to remember but they want me to remember their memories and i keep on remembering mine ~Lucille Clifton, “why some people be mad at me sometimes,” from Blessing the Boats, New and Selected Poems 1988-2000 Isn’t that always the case? Isn’t that half our problem each time we try to talk to […]