The Fruit Stand

It’s called Carol’s. It’s a few blocks and a pleasant walk from my office, and it has the best local produce in three counties. Okay, let’s make that ten counties. I’m feeling pretty good about Carol’s today. I went through on a scouting mission this morning. They have peanuts and king cakes in abundance right […]

The Yards of Ellisville

This is a particularly frightening piece of yard art that I encounter on my walks around town. But then I get to look at this and feel better. Which is, strangely enough on the same street as this. But I think my favorite yard decoration in Ellisville is this. I took pictures of the ducks […]

What's for Second Lunch?

Inspired by Billie Hara’s What’s for Lunch? series at ProfHacker, I thought I’d share a visual of what I had for second lunch today. Just in case this is a tough one for you, I ate an orange, not a book.