October is the Devil's Own Month (The Diet, Day 67)

October might start tomorrow on most calendars, but for me it started today when someone left a bucket of Halloween candy in my office suite. Already? Really? The month of struggling to resist the proliferation of bite-sized Snickers is already upon us? That’s just wrong. If you don’t believe me, try calculating the price of […]

The Lonely Guy

This was one of my favorite hummingbird pictures from my weekend’s hard work of sitting in a lawn chair with my camera for an hour or so. Something just grabs you about one lone bird sitting on the power line flapping his wings for everything he’s worth. Plus, the dark and moody tone appeals to […]

Bad Mood

My bad mood is a hummingbird gang gone wild for sugar water. It fights amongst itself, stomps air, beats emptiness like hummingbirds that think they are pit bulls snarling for blood. My bad mood is a plague of love bugs blown in from a storm, doubled-up, crawling into every crevice that does not want it, […]

Junk Food Junkie (The Diet, Day 63)

This is just a random diet post to keep me from losing track of the days. I don’t have much to say. I guess I haven’t all week. The Diet was something of a challenge this week. I went to a meeting where a major feature was food. Of course, food in this case mostly […]

The Fight of the Hummingbirds

1. 2. 3. 4. These things are tougher than they look. They are vicious, in fact. They’re running with gangs, constantly on the attack. Hide your children and guard your purses. At the very least, keep the sugar water flowing at all times.

If you need a good insult….

You should go back to the master of word play. This may seem a little out of season, but it’s never really the wrong time for a good insult. Plus, this is just my way of saying I’ve had a busy day, and I don’t feel like putting any more effort into blogging than this. […]

This blog thing

Is it a sign of dedication or of obsessive compulsive behavior that I post to the blog using my phone when I don’t have Internet just so that I can say I didn’t miss a day of blogging? That was a really long question to type out on a phone, by the way. It makes […]

Hello, Mother

I’m feeling better today. I took some vitamins, and I drank plenty of fluids, and I remembered to eat three meals, and I didn’t overdo it at work. I’m tired now, though, so I’m going to bed without calling you back even though I know you will have these things to ask me. It was […]

A Post About Nothing

I have nothing to say today, nothing at all. I wouldn’t bother to post at all if it weren’t for the fact that I haven’t missed a day of posting something to blog–at least something–since January 1, 2010. I didn’t start out to do a whole year without missing even a single day, but now […]