Sharon Does Not Write Poetry

Once I sat in a fiction workshop with Gordon Weaver. I was not a fiction writer, but I was in the class, making whatever pretense I could muster up at the time. He picked up my story, read a couple of sentences from it, and said, “You wrote that, Gerald, and you call yourself a […]

The Swan Thieves

I just finished reading Elizabeth Kostova’s The Swan Thieves. It’s a good book. I recommend it. Really, you should read it. I gave it 4 stars on Good Reads. I give 4 stars to lots of books I would truly hope others might pick up and read. So there you go. Read The Swan Thieves […]


It’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything, according to Douglas Adams, may he rest his little atheist soul in peace. It’s also an age at which you’re supposed to sort of be a grown up already. In fact, you passed up your last excuse for not being a grown up about a decade […]

You Can't Go Home Again

But you can go to high school again. At any moment, and with the slightest provocation, you can live in that high school psyche again. You can fill up to overflowing with uncertainty. You can get your feelings hurt easily. You can have a panic attack over what it meant that a person you thought […]

A Miracle in the Making?

My friend and neighbor Patricia met me at my dead blueberry bush this morning (the latest casualty in the weed eater wars), and we stood there feeling sad together.  She asked if there was any hope at all, and I stooped down to show her the dry dead sticks poking up from the ground.  That's […]

But not for want of blueberries

Yesterday, I was very upset about the loss of yet another blueberry bush by way of weed eater. I’m still upset. It’s difficult to explain why when my sister and I picked three gallons of blueberries today, and my friend and I picked two gallons yesterday. There are blueberries to be had in this life. […]

Blueberry Tears

I lost a second blueberry bush to the weed eater today. This time I sat down and cried. It is too late in the season to replant. It’s too late to find blueberry bushes in the store at any rate. First, the lawn mower got one. After that I put sticks next to the ones […]

JCJC Book Club

I made a book club group for the school on Goodreads today. So far I’m the only member, so it will be interesting to see how this works out… Jones County Junior College’s read book montage 1 member for employees, students, and friends of Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, MS to share and d… […]

Rock 'n Roll

Yes, I am that kind of aunt.  I give guitars to children.  See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Just Haphazardry