Poetry Tuesday: Just as you…

Just as you think you’re nosediving like a pigeon caught in the tail by an out-of-season firework, you find yourself talking to someone who was once a bad place in your life, talking and thinking like the song says, let it be, words of wisdom, and you droop with suspicion that it’s your own name […]

Drive by Daniel Pink

This a book I think everyone should read. People in business and people in education alike. In a nutshell, the premise is that people need autonomy and a sense of purpose to thrive and to therefore work at their most productive levels. I agree. I also agree that when you couple this concept with that […]

Poetry Tuesday: Dog Found

This sign is just to say… Dog Found. Maybe the black Lab that rebelled ten years ago against the dingy apartment you moved into after the divorce. Maybe your grandmother’s Chihuahua that just walked into the woods one day, we can only hope to live deliberately. Maybe the Jack Russell mix that disappeared through a […]