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I don’t think so, said the little dog to the sullen cat

My dog challenge prompt and my regular photo challenge prompt were essentially the same today: “in a box” and “box.” I tried to make Lucy Peanut sit in a hat box while I took her […]

In which habit is who you are

Jack Cat says “oh no you didn’t” to Lucy Peanut. That’s his usual line for her. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that I’ve fallen behind on Lucy Peanut pictures while I’ve […]

In which we all suffer for the art

Today’s dog photo challenge was “all dressed up,” and Lucy Peanut had to endure grave insult because of it. She was not impressed with her new outfit. I had been saving this sweater for excessively […]

Don’t be sad, sad kitty

Stella Calico was stuck inside today, watching Jack Cat and Lucy Peanut play outside. Stella is a shy and skittish kitty and does not go outside, but sometimes she sits in the window looking sad […]

California Dreamin'
Watching You

Watching You, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald. This is a recycled, reinvented image of Patricia of Next Door’s cat. I’ve posted it a few months ago, but this time I’ve cropped the picture down to […]

Thursday Cat Blogging

Remember my cat in the houseplant problem? I’ve now repotted the little plants I bought and put them up in high places. That might have kept a toddler out of them, but it doesn’t do […]

Just Hanging Out

In four poses. 1. 2. 3. 4.

It was a cold and cloudy day…

Mowgli went exploring for sunshine. I don’t think he found it. Callie opted to just nap it out, though she is starting to prepare for Mardi Gras. And Sharon started fighting back against her illness […]

Rainy Days and Thursdays

I’d love to attribute some pretty daydreams to Mowgli’s time of sitting in the window watching the rain, but the truth is there were birds in the tree outside that window. I doubt his dreams […]