Come out and play with me? #photoaday #project365

59 of 365. Our Daily Challenge Topic — Companion. When I tried to think of things that went together to illustrate “companion,” I was looking at my freshly pruned crape myrtles, thinking that the first warm days of the year and outdoor jobs go together. But then so do warm days and play time, Sock […]

On a Roll #photoaday #project365

58 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Roll. Today is my mother’s 79th birthday. To celebrate, I got out in her yard with my nephews and played with her toys. This smiley face soccer ball is one of my favorites. Happy Birthday!

Bananas For You #photoaday #project365

57 of 365. Our Daily Challenge Topic — Curved. The first thing I saw this morning after I checked the day’s topic was a banana. It looked curved enough to me. Good thing Sock Monkey felt like he needed a little fresh air today. Sock Monkey is bananas for the nice weather we are having […]

Everything Nice #photoaday #project365

53 of 365. Our Daily Challenge Topic — What little girls are made of. Little girls are made of everything nice, even climbing trees at the first signs of spring. The tulip trees (Japanese magnolias) are in bloom in South Mississippi today.

Step Away from the Buffet #photoaday #project365

50 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — The End. This is the end of a buffet-style restaurant in Hattiesburg. It’s being torn down now. I’ve forgotten the name of it. Barnhill’s maybe? When I saw that the prompt for today was “the end,” my first thought was to take a picture of my cat. She […]