Month: August 2010

Just Kidding (The Diet, Day 37)

I posted a nonsense thing from my phone just now because I thought my Internet was down.  Maybe it was.  Nevertheless, it is back now, and I feel obligated to give you something else just […]

This is just to say…

It would be a shame to miss a day of blogging when my Internet is out just because I am too proud to publish a post about nothing from my phone.

Just Another Manic Monday (The Diet, Day 36)

Today was crazy. I felt stressed out from the minute I arrived at my office until the minute I left, and I was there before 8 and left after 6. I couldn’t catch up for […]

Make the Mountain Come to You (The Diet, Day 35)

There’s probably no taste I love more than the combination of coffee, chocolate, sugar, and milk. Hot or cold, lattes or mochachinos, with or without whipped cream on top, I have been a number one […]

Come Monday, It'll Be Alright (The Diet, Day 34)

I stuck some Jimmy Buffet in this post just in case you were expecting him. Otherwise, this post is about the fact that my designated time on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet expires […]

A little bit goes a long way (The Diet, Day 33)

There is a story my family likes to tell about me. It goes something like this. I was in kindergarten. I had been told by my teacher to remember that “a little bit goes a […]

Hattiesburg American Column: 8/27/2010

My column that appears today in The Hattiesburg American. *** ON July 26, I read Robert St. John’s column, “The Earl of Sandwich,” and decided I was going on a diet. I know it was […]

My Mammaw Said There'd Be Days Like This (The Diet, Day 32)

I had to make this taco salad for my supper today. I almost called it dinner, but I have to say supper so people in the South won’t get confused about whether I mean the […]

The Step and Visit Plan (The Diet, Day 31)

I hit 12,000 steps today without getting on the treadmill. Yay, me. It wasn’t even difficult, not nearly as difficult as 45 minutes on a treadmill at the end of the day. I did it […]

One Path, Many Truths (The Diet, Day 30)

You know the Buddhist saying “One truth, many paths”? A friend once told me that was the wrong way to think of it. Thousands of years of Buddhists have it wrong. It’s “One path, many […]