Just Kidding (The Diet, Day 37)

I posted a nonsense thing from my phone just now because I thought my Internet was down.  Maybe it was.  Nevertheless, it is back now, and I feel obligated to give you something else just to say I didn’t miss a day of blogging. Here’s what I ate today. From South Beach Diet Pics From […]

This is just to say…

It would be a shame to miss a day of blogging when my Internet is out just because I am too proud to publish a post about nothing from my phone.

Just Another Manic Monday (The Diet, Day 36)

Today was crazy. I felt stressed out from the minute I arrived at my office until the minute I left, and I was there before 8 and left after 6. I couldn’t catch up for anything. We’re in a new version of Blackboard, and it seemed to require an inordinate amount of time just to […]

Make the Mountain Come to You (The Diet, Day 35)

There’s probably no taste I love more than the combination of coffee, chocolate, sugar, and milk. Hot or cold, lattes or mochachinos, with or without whipped cream on top, I have been a number one fan of the sweet chocolate Starbucks scam to rid me of my money. I didn’t specifically look it up, but […]

Come Monday, It'll Be Alright (The Diet, Day 34)

I stuck some Jimmy Buffet in this post just in case you were expecting him. Otherwise, this post is about the fact that my designated time on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet expires on Monday. Today, I’m contemplating what I’ll do with my freedom. I suppose my response should fall somewhere between “do […]

A little bit goes a long way (The Diet, Day 33)

There is a story my family likes to tell about me. It goes something like this. I was in kindergarten. I had been told by my teacher to remember that “a little bit goes a long way.” So as I slathered glue all over the construction paper I wanted to stick stuff too I kept […]

Hattiesburg American Column: 8/27/2010

My column that appears today in The Hattiesburg American. *** ON July 26, I read Robert St. John’s column, “The Earl of Sandwich,” and decided I was going on a diet. I know it was July 26 because I wrote about it on my blog. I’ve written about my diet nearly every day since. You […]

My Mammaw Said There'd Be Days Like This (The Diet, Day 32)

I had to make this taco salad for my supper today. I almost called it dinner, but I have to say supper so people in the South won’t get confused about whether I mean the noon meal or the evening meal. From South Beach Diet Pics I had to make it because it has spinach […]

The Step and Visit Plan (The Diet, Day 31)

I hit 12,000 steps today without getting on the treadmill. Yay, me. It wasn’t even difficult, not nearly as difficult as 45 minutes on a treadmill at the end of the day. I did it all (or most of it) through the Step and Visit Plan. I walked from my office to Tammy’s office a […]

One Path, Many Truths (The Diet, Day 30)

You know the Buddhist saying “One truth, many paths”? A friend once told me that was the wrong way to think of it. Thousands of years of Buddhists have it wrong. It’s “One path, many truths.” I’ll leave you to decide the spiritual wisdom of this for yourself. I just want to take this opportunity […]