Blogging the Novel and Other Indiscretions

Why do I want to blog a novel and/or a collection of poems?  Because I can.  Because it provides a necessary creative outlet for me.  Because the blog provides a space for meaningful experimentation in both process and craft.  Because the world is full of fiction and poetry blogs, and mine might as well be […]

From the Haphazard Kitchen

It’s summer.  That means I’m supposed to surface from the vast ocean of mental activities I’ve been nearly drowning in for months and actually notice the world around me.  It means I’m supposed to start caring about my health again, start cooking instead of poking things at random in the microwave. This may require baby […]

Meet the New Look

I’ve dilly-dallied, moved around, taken long vacations from blogging and made every other possible wrong move with my blog the last couple of years if my goal is to establish and maintain an audience.  And here I am moving yet again.  I’ve tried to give out only the url the past few month because […]

Hello Again

I’m moving the blog again, but this time the url is following.  🙂 Most of my content is still at, but that will all be changing soon.  Not much to look at here yet.  Ya’ll come back.