The paper cranes next door

Today’s photo: 13 Paper Cranes. Today’s lesson: 3 is also a prime number. My prompt today was “prime number.” Was my first thought 3? No, of course not. When I saw prime number, I thought 13. Was my first thought after 13 something simple like Cheerios or paperclips? Noooo. I saw prime number, and I […]

It’s all good

Today’s photo: Everything is beautiful in the right light. Today’s lesson: Everything is beautiful in the right light. I think this lesson is self-explanatory. What you see here is a dried up weed from my yard. It should have been pulled a long time ago, but I’m no one’s contender for lawn of the month. […]

Just roll with it

Today’s photo: An arrangement. Today’s lesson: Most good things come from just rolling with the weird or the unexpected. Arrangement was my photo prompt for today. I thought I wasn’t going to do it because the only thing I could think of was a flower arrangement, and I didn’t want to spend any money on […]

Beauty is in the process

Today’s photo: You make me live. The original version of today’s photo: Posted first with the title Alice Makes a Friend. Today’s lesson: Imperfections are an opportunity to play. I posted the original version of this earlier in the day, but I wasn’t happy with it. After work, I decided to play around with it […]

Resistance is Futile

Today’s photo: The Temptation of Alice Today’s lesson: Sometimes your subject can be your background. I don’t have much to say today, but I do have at least one answer to my own question about how I can take a new picture every day of the same object without running of ideas too quickly. I […]

A little bit goes a long way

Today’s photo: A drop of inspiration is all you need. Today’s lesson: A drop of inspiration is all you need. It seems the rain just keeps pouring down, and the days just keep getting nastier and more depressing. They say there is a chance of a snowflake or two later in the week, and I […]

Some days you just have to free yourself

Today’s photo: A message from Alice — Bates was framed. Today’s lesson: If you can’t go outside, bring the outside to you. If you aren’t a Downton Abbey fan, you might not get this shot, but that’s okay. In that case, I didn’t take it for you. Alice’s fellow fans will understand. Today was all […]

Standing at the corner of hope and regret

Today’s photo: Alice’s favorite buildings are past their prime. Note: I chose this photo as my photo-of-the-day because I was so pleased to have manipulated the depth of field enough so that Alice was in focus in the foreground but a good bit of the background was also in focus. I’ve struggled with that, and […]

Feeling artful has its price

Today’s photo: Alice appreciates an artful installation. Today’s Alice extras: Today’s lesson: The camera is not what makes the photo, but then again it is. If you get into photography at all, you’ll be barraged with advice from people who tell you on the one hand that you really need a whole bunch of expensive […]

Time Flies

Today’s photo: Alice reminds me that our boys will never be little boys again. Today’s lesson: Appreciate the good times while they are happening. Time flies. That is all.