How to Complete a Blog 365 Project

Understand, I’ve never actually done this. I’ve put in a month at a time of blogging daily before but not a whole year. I’m talking to myself when I give this advice. I’m on Day 20 of what didn’t so much start out to be a 365 project as it did to be a blog […]

Office Envy

These are just a few things to be found in my friend Tammy’s office. I have major office envy. It was a rainy day, and I had to stay indoors for my photo-journey. Luckily, I work with people who have more than multi-colored paperclips around their desks. Thanks, Tammy.

Been Down This Road

Q&A, I call it. I go into the online classes, and I create places for people to ask me questions. This is where I learn that I could not, for example, make my living at a help desk. I invite the questions, and though I apply as much patience as I can muster to the […]