Is it nerdy

to use your phone to type an email to your own blog that is set to automatically publish itself to Facebook and Twitter? I’m guessing it’s probably just annoying. Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

E-Portfolio Workshop

I'm in the process of constructing an e-portfolio workshop page.  It's far from complete, but I wouldn't mind random acts of feedback.  Yes, of course.  I'm giving a workshop on Tuesday, and I've only just now started putting together materials.  Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

The Generalist as Pack Mule

When I left my PhD school in 1996, one of my professors said, “Just don’t go to a two-year college. You’ll be stuck there forever if you do, and they are the pack mules of academia.” It’s 2010 now, and I’m in my 14th year at a two-year college. I can’t argue with the pack […]

Giving it up for Lent

I didn’t post this picture on Ash Wednesday because it looks a little demented. I thought my other self-portrait was more appropriate as a form of religious observance. Now that it is no longer Ash Wednesday, I’m okay with demented. In fact, since I’ve just had a Caffeine Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, demented is entirely […]

Teaching Loads

Interesting conversation here: Found via: Due to a steady decline in state funding and steady increase in enrollment over the past few years, our teaching loads have grown to beyond believable.  Of course something is sacrificed.  Of course time is limited for student feedback.  Of course we change the kinds of assignments we […]

Public Writing and the Private Lives of Teachers

Public Writing And The Private Lives Of Teachers by Sharon Gerald  Download now or listen on posterous Public Writing and the Private Lives of Teachers.mp3 (12106 KB) In which I mull over my own reluctance to have students in my personal information stream (bonus background cat fight). Posted via email from sharongerald’s posterous

Just Reading

Now I'm testing my link from Posterous to Writerly Haphazardry.  I don't know how it works or whether it works, but I'm momentarily charmed with the concept of emailing in the blog.  I hope I don't spam my friends too much while I work through the excitement.  🙂 Posted via email from sharongerald’s posterous

Day 50

This is day 50 of my blog-a-day project. I can say this much. I haven’t quit yet. That’s considerable in light of my current level of busy. I have not accomplished my blog plans. I have not stuck to the poem-a-week plan. I have not even posted book reviews consistently. I have continued to take […]

Contentment Diary 2/18/10: The Details! The Details!

Today I chased details in all directions. Because every idea sounds like a good idea when it first flows out of my mouth, I now find myself planning multiple events at once. This means I find myself piling meetings up one on top of the other, attempting to make sure the clash of details among […]

You are dust

and to dust you will return, but there is hope because God calls you Beloved.