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Forever is a Fickle Thing

A few days ago I quit all my extra projects forever…except the blog and the journal prompts and the books projects and the summer workshops I’m putting together. Not that kind of stuff. All the […]

The Eudora Project

I’m still in the process of setting up my Trailing Eudora site. It needs quite a bit more touch up work before I can say it is fully operational, in fact, but I have added […]

Is it Really Spring Break?

It must be spring break because I don’t feel any particular urgency to accomplish despite the fact that I actually do have more needing my attention than I’ll be able to get to in a […]

The Unbearable Plague of Ideas, Part 2

Well, I did it.  This is what’s wrong with being me.  Something hits me as possible while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning, and I can’t go to bed that night before I’ve made […]

The Unbearable Plague of Ideas

When JK Rowling said that Harry Potter walked into her head one day fully formed with a life of his own, I thought, “Oh, I know how that feels.”  Alas, the next Harry Potter has […]

E-Portfolio Workshop

I'm in the process of constructing an e-portfolio workshop page.  It's far from complete, but I wouldn't mind random acts of feedback.  Yes, of course.  I'm giving a workshop on Tuesday, and I've only just […]

Overcommitteed and the Art of Collaborative Procrastination

I’m overcommitteed. Most people I know are because most people I know are on many of the same committees. Usually, you can juggle them so that you don’t have to take on too much at […]