Pancakes St. John



Now this is my idea of local eating. Good stuff. I found the syrup at the Corner Market. I don’t know where it is bottled or which Central American country the bananas were shipped in from, but I feel so justified in my quest to support the local economy with my food purchases because I know my friend Robert St. John has kids he will need to send to college one day. Buy some syrup. It’s yummy.


I’m all a quiver with snowticipation. The latest winter warnings say we could get up 9 inches tonight. That would be heavier snow than I’ve seen in Mississippi in my lifetime. Even if we only get 3 to 5 inches I could measure in decades the last time I’d seen anything like it. I basically have no plan for a winter power outage beyond extra socks and a new jar of peanut butter. I’ve never needed one before. I am, however, preparing to blog without power by testing my WordPress application for iPhone for the first time. Here goes…