Contentment Diary 2/18/10: The Details! The Details!


Today I chased details in all directions. Because every idea sounds like a good idea when it first flows out of my mouth, I now find myself planning multiple events at once. This means I find myself piling meetings up one on top of the other, attempting to make sure the clash of details among the varying vying projects does not become a hazard, or even an embarrassment, to myself and others.

And what do I do at meetings, aside from writing stuff down to pretend I’m both paying attention and on top of it all? I drink coffee, of course. A coffee over here. A mocha latte over there. And oh wait, yes, another coffee.

This is where I should say goodnight, John Boy. I’m tuckered out, no longer able to sort the details I’ve spent so much time gathering into meaningful patterns. Alas, the coffee that is such a friend by day, a bestie even, has no regard for your feelings or your health by night. I’ll be up accomplishing nothing more than irritability deep into the night. Message me if you are bored.

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