Day 50

This is day 50 of my blog-a-day project. I can say this much. I haven’t quit yet. That’s considerable in light of my current level of busy. I have not accomplished my blog plans. I have not stuck to the poem-a-week plan. I have not even posted book reviews consistently. I have continued to take pictures, but I’m not posting them every day. More days than not I go for the fluff entry as opposed to the well-thought-out entry. If I were a reader of this blog, I might have given up on it as being not worth my time by now. Good thing for me, I’m doing this for me not for you. And I haven’t quit yet. That means I’m succeeding. What’s the old maxim about success is showing up? That’s what I’m doing. I might not write what I hope to write every time I sit down to the blog, but I’ll never write if I don’t first just plain old show up to do the job. That’s why I’m here, folks. Nothing else to see.