Snow Day and a Half


Today was the “and a half” of our snow day. It was all gone by noonish, though if you’ve lived around here for long, it may be something of a personal record to wake up two days in a row to the sight of snow on the ground. Usually, if we get snow, it comes in during the night. It’s quit snowing by the time we wake up, and it’s all melted by noon of the same day.

This snow stayed with us for about 36 hours. It was also our second snow this year (another record). What a rough winter.

Accidents Happen

I’m not a photographer. I’m just a girl with a camera. I’ve put embarrassingly little effort into understanding my camera. I’m just having a good time going around clicking at whatever catches my eye. I plan to study up on camera settings and photography tricks as soon as I find some free time…in about 12 years.

For now I just take pictures. Sometimes they look the way I expect. Sometimes they don’t. Like fumbled words, though, they’re often more interesting when they don’t quite come out as intended.

This was an attempt to take a picture of the sunset behind very dark snow clouds.


I took it from my kitchen window. As it turns out, my kitchen wasn’t the best spot, and I didn’t have the camera on the right settings to capture the sunset. I also forgot that there were apples sitting in the windowsill. If you look along the bottom of the frame, you’ll see a touch of green and a touch of red. That’s reflection from the flash off of the apples. I didn’t plan that, and I haven’t done anything at all to edit this picture. I post it here only because it makes me laugh.

Here’s another shot from my kitchen window.


This was taken early in the morning, and I intended to have the apple there. I was playing around with the focus. I took some pictures with the apple in focus and some with the yard in focus. I was basically just playing around like my 4-year-old nephew does when he tries to trick the iPhone into opening two applications at once. I wanted the apple and the yard in focus at once, but I didn’t know how to make it happen, so I just kept toggling back and forth. At some point, I shot a picture at what I thought was “in between.” This is what happened. You can’t tell as well in the blog-sized version, but at larger resolutions, the apple almost looks translucent. It’s just weird enough that I love it even if it’s a total accident and of no note whatsoever to anyone else.

And last (at least for this post)…


The apple takes on something of a creepy tone in the dark. Only it wasn’t actually that dark outside at the time. Something about the fact that there was a lot more light in front of the apple than behind it made the background appear pitch black. Now I know that’s what happens if I try to take pictures of my yard at dusk without actually leaving my kitchen. It happened that time at any rate.