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Possible Sharon

I went to a meeting today. Yes, a meeting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, on the day after a big family wedding, and right in the middle of my biggest grading crunch of the semester. […]

When Harry Meets Homer

This is my handout for the conference I’m going to this week. It’s something of a “rough draft” at this point in that if I had another week it would become something very different, but […]

The Blog as Collage

Dinty Moore posted this quote from John Edgar Wideman: “All non-fiction moves in the direction of collage.” That made me think of the collage essay assignment I saw once from John Walter. It also made […]

Education is not a commodity

This video is great. There is a whole series of them that keep showing up on my friends’ blogs. This is the only one I’ve found time to watch so far, but I’m looking forward […]

What we aren't talking about when we aren't talking about pedagogy

I’ve been interested in Jeff Rice’s posts this week in which he critiques some Rutgers videos on their composition program. What strikes me most is just the sad fact that the two-year colleges in my […]

For the love of the iPad

I’ve been asked to give a 45 minute talk next week on the iPad in education. I have about 30 seconds worth of stuff to say on that, so it occurs to me that I […]

Textbook Cost Legislation

A friend sent this link today about a proposed bill to regulate textbook costs for college students: “Lawmakers push for open online textbooks” I’m not sure the bill actually does have anything to do with […]

Day 1: Back-to-School Prompts for Teachers

Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why exactly. But this morning I posted on my Journally Facebook page that I would be posting writing prompts for teachers for the next couple of weeks…unless, of […]

Open Books

Voice in the Age of the Web The intended audience for this is students, mainly my students in ENG 1123 (Composition II). I’ve decided to to Scribd because that gives the students more versatility in […]

Shovels, Seeds, and Miracles:  A Photo Essay

Shovels, Seeds, and Miracles View more presentations from Sharon Gerald. This is my experiment in a slide-style photo essay. I created this in Keynote (the Mac’s answer to PowerPoint) and uploaded it to SlideShare. You […]