Giving it up for Lent

I didn’t post this picture on Ash Wednesday because it looks a little demented. I thought my other self-portrait was more appropriate as a form of religious observance. Now that it is no longer Ash Wednesday, I’m okay with demented. In fact, since I’ve just had a Caffeine Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, demented is entirely […]

Teaching Loads

Interesting conversation here: Found via: Due to a steady decline in state funding and steady increase in enrollment over the past few years, our teaching loads have grown to beyond believable.  Of course something is sacrificed.  Of course time is limited for student feedback.  Of course we change the kinds of assignments we […]

Public Writing and the Private Lives of Teachers

Public Writing And The Private Lives Of Teachers by Sharon Gerald  Download now or listen on posterous Public Writing and the Private Lives of Teachers.mp3 (12106 KB) In which I mull over my own reluctance to have students in my personal information stream (bonus background cat fight). Posted via email from sharongerald’s posterous