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Maybe it is a little about the clothes

I seem to have fallen into the habit of starting blog posts with disclaimers, so let me just say this first off. Before anyone forwards this to the president of my college, I want to […]

The Dual Duel

I ran across this article about dual enrollment students via Inside Higher Ed. This is a hot topic in college circles these days, it seems. It also seems to be one of those areas in […]

What we talk about when we talk about success

There’s a federal committee considering changes to the way two-year colleges are measured for funding. No doubt anyone would be as elated as I am to hear that the future is in the hands of […]

Hattiesburg American Column: 9/16/2010

Here’s my column that appears today in the Hattiesburg American: TO THE QUESTION of “Can good composition teaching be done under present circumstances?” Edward M. Hopkins said “no.” Teachers are overworked to the point of […]

What we aren't talking about when we aren't talking about pedagogy

I’ve been interested in Jeff Rice’s posts this week in which he critiques some Rutgers videos on their composition program. What strikes me most is just the sad fact that the two-year colleges in my […]

What I Love About My Job

I can sum up what I love about my job in one word: People. I love the people in my office suite who laugh both with and at me. I love my department chair who […]

The Economics of Culpability

I’m on day 3 now of my attempt to write 750 words a day for my blog for the month of September. I’m not sure South Mississippi can handle 30 days of heartfelt honesty from […]

750 Words

I promised myself I was going to do the September challenge. That means I promised myself I would write 750 words a day every day during the month of September. This seems particularly foolish […]

It's not about the clothes

I’m very sad today. I’m deeply sad to hear about all of the cuts at USM. It sickens me. It feels like hearing a good friend has a terminal illness. I’m not sure this friend […]