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The Year of the Hummingbird and Maybe the Paper Crane

I have to admit that I embarrass myself more often than not. I’m a person who jumps into projects wholeheartedly, and I have a lot to show for that. I just don’t have a lot […]

I feel good!

So much happiness depends on the right pair of shoes, and there’s nothing sweeter than your favorite Converse in the office for casual Friday. And no, of course my feet aren’t on my desk, boss. […]

New Desk After One Week of Classes
New Office Almost Unpacked
New Office
May’s End Resolutions

I’ve always thought I’d be better off making resolutions at the end of the school year rather than at the end of the calendar year. If I have a resolution, summer is really my only […]

Just One Thing Update

I started my “Just One Thing” program this week in which I vow to do just one thing a day toward getting rid of stuff I don’t need for basically as long as it takes […]

The Just One Thing Philosophy Club

This is a trunk full of clothes that I am going to haul off to a thrift store tomorrow. The car is a rental, so I’ve forced myself into action by putting the clothes in […]

Responsible Adult Act of the Day  #reverb10

A couple of days ago, I said that one thing I want to accomplish in the coming year is to trim excess bills (#7 on my list). Today I went to the Comcast office and […]

Project Minimize #reverb10

From Project Minimize Yesterday’s Reverb 10 prompt has inspired me to manifest for myself Project Minimize. The DVDs represent my start. It hit me that there is no need for DVDs in the age of […]