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Newt Knight and the Free State of Movie Mania

There’s been a lot of excitement around Jones County and South Mississippi lately because Gary Ross of Hunger Games fame (just for a start) is gearing up to shoot a film about a local Civil […]

Why I Stand With Thad

I hesitated to speak up about the senate race in Mississippi. I had friends and family members on both sides. I didn’t want any conflict. I also didn’t think that Chris McDaniel had a real […]

Lake Mississippi:  Father of Waters, Mother of Floods

Here are some pictures I took this afternoon of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. I’m not real happy with the pictures. It was too bright out there for perfect shots…at least from me. But you […]

Freedom Summer by Bruce Watson

18 of 52 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. I bought Freedom Summer months before I read it. The reviews were good. I expected it to be a decent read, but I dreaded it. I […]

Go Akbar

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, here’s a video about the movement to make Admiral Akbar the new Ole Miss mascot. Understand, I went to the university on the other end of […]

Got Adventure?

I admit it. I’ve been in my own little world lately…like for the past 40 years or so but more than usual this week. I’ve been busy. I’ve been blocking out things I didn’t have […]

Do not go gentle

For the 29 faculty members and 21 programs “down-sized” at The University of Southern Mississippi this week. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rage at close of day; […]

Oilmaggedon, Day 15

USA Today has an animated map that helps put the oil spill into perspective. I’ve been imagining this as a drifting blob. The map helps you see that it is spreading more than drifting. Usually, […]

This Week I Have Seen

A French Poodle with its head stuck out of the window of a Dodge Ram. A man in work boots and blue jeans, speaking with a country accent, purchasing won ton wraps. A man sitting […]

Random Thoughts

1. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of oil rigs have been operating in the Gulf without significant incident for decades, it only takes one catastrophic incident from one rig to kill a whole […]