The Fruit Stand

It’s called Carol’s. It’s a few blocks and a pleasant walk from my office, and it has the best local produce in three counties. Okay, let’s make that ten counties. I’m feeling pretty good about Carol’s today. I went through on a scouting mission this morning. They have peanuts and king cakes in abundance right […]

The Yards of Ellisville

This is a particularly frightening piece of yard art that I encounter on my walks around town. But then I get to look at this and feel better. Which is, strangely enough on the same street as this. But I think my favorite yard decoration in Ellisville is this. I took pictures of the ducks […]

What's for Second Lunch?

Inspired by Billie Hara’s What’s for Lunch? series at ProfHacker, I thought I’d share a visual of what I had for second lunch today. Just in case this is a tough one for you, I ate an orange, not a book.

Deep South Vegetarian Does Game Day

If a southern woman can’t make a casserole out of it, it’s not worth eating. This holds true even for vegetarian dishes. In that spirit I give you Black Bean Burrito Casserole. I know I’ve been yammering a lot lately about the ethics of eating locally. This dish does not apply. Most of it comes […]

It's Alive!

Just as the rest of my environment looks like this… The mint in my yard looks like this… We’ve had freezes and floods and every kind of inclement weather. The world is shrouded in winter gray, but still the mint thrives. You can’t kill it. Pull it up by the roots, and it grows right […]

Breakfast and the Art of Ethical Eating

Yes, this is one of those annoying “eat this, not that” posts. I’m on a quest to reduce the chemicals in my diet, to reduce the amount of fuel used to bring my food to me, and to support the local farmer in my food purchases. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out how to do […]

In Search of Local Produce

Had I read ahead by a couple of chapters in the Barbara Kingsolver book that inspired me to investigate locally produced foods, I would have reached the part where she says, “January is not the time to start figuring out what to eat in January as a locavore.” Good to know. As it turns out, […]

Seasonal Food

Out searching for seasonal foods, this is what I found–my first Paul’s King Cake of the year. It may defy my rule of the prettiest food is the healthiest food, but it makes a great breakfast nonetheless.

Photography and Wellness

A friend asked me why I was suddenly so camera-happy, going around taking a crazy amount of pictures. Or maybe she didn’t actually ask. I could just feel her wondering. Either way, I answered, “I’m taking back part of my life.” I’ve been working way too hard for way too long, and it is taking […]