Writing on Issues in a Divided World

I want to write something for my students about this, or at least prepare something to say to my students about this, so I’ve decided I need to first write about it for myself to start sorting out my thoughts and ideas. How do we write about issues in a world that is so terribly […]

The young and the apathetic

Bristol Palin didn’t vote in yesterday’s election, according Us Magazine anyway. I’m sure that will earn her a few digs from comedians and maybe a lecture from her mother. I figure it’s her business. I’m not particularly interested in what Bristol should or should not have done. I mention this little sound byte here only […]

The Politics of Civility

I thought Jon Stewart’s speech at the end of his Rally to Restore Sanity was the best political speech I’ve heard in years. That’s sad considering it wasn’t a political speech at all. It was the finale of a comedy show. Granted, it was a show with a purpose, but it was still a comedy […]

Got Adventure?

I admit it. I’ve been in my own little world lately…like for the past 40 years or so but more than usual this week. I’ve been busy. I’ve been blocking out things I didn’t have to deal with so as to make more room in my life for coping with things I did have to […]

Oilmaggedon, Day 15

USA Today has an animated map that helps put the oil spill into perspective. I’ve been imagining this as a drifting blob. The map helps you see that it is spreading more than drifting. Usually, you want to calm your fears by “putting them into perspective.” I’m sorry this doesn’t do that. I’m sorry that’s […]

Random Thoughts

1. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of oil rigs have been operating in the Gulf without significant incident for decades, it only takes one catastrophic incident from one rig to kill a whole ocean. 2. No one, not even giant companies with giant budgets at stake, can be trusted to be prepared for […]

Not Necessarily the News

As I now have the opportunity to come out of my grading coma a little, I’ve attempted to catch up a little on what’s going on the world today. Mistake, mistake, mistake. At least, the way I went about it was a mistake. I tried to watch some news on TV. Why do I continue […]

Beware the Aliens

And I don’t mean Mexicans in Arizona or in Mississippi either. I mean them. Out there in the universe somewhere. We need to be afraid of them, says Stephen Hawking. Great. I could handle this if Tom Cruise had said it, but this is Stephen Hawking, certified smart man. I decided there wasn’t much I […]

Meanwhile in the Gulf

The oil spill in the Gulf sounds downright frightening and horrifying. I don’t even know what to say about it, and if I take the time to figure out what to say about it, I probably won’t manage to finish my grades tonight as I am fairly well committed to do. The past couple of […]