December 1, 2023

I lost a pepper plant. It’s a sad day. It died some time during the night. I checked on my plants after the storm last night. They were fine, if a little wind blown. This morning a pepper plant was gone. Missing. Nowhere to be seen.

The dirt where it had been was freshly overturned. I felt around in it and found the plant buried. The stem was broken off, and the whole thing was buried.

Neighborhood cat, you are no friend of mine.

I think I’m going to try putting tomato cages around my plants to protect them from the cat. I don’t know if that will work, but I don’t know what else to do.

1 thought on “At War I Am

  1. My little scruffy dog Hermione thinks my raised beds are the perfect place to stretch out on a long hot day, no matter what she’s smushing in the process. I love her to death…but seriously!

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