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But not for want of blueberries

Yesterday, I was very upset about the loss of yet another blueberry bush by way of weed eater. I’m still upset. It’s difficult to explain why when my sister and I picked three gallons of […]

Blueberry Tears

I lost a second blueberry bush to the weed eater today. This time I sat down and cried. It is too late in the season to replant. It’s too late to find blueberry bushes in […]

RIP Blueberry Bush

I planted four blueberry bushes earlier in the year with the idea of casualties in mind. Four fully grown bushes producing at maximum capacity would wear out me and all of the birds currently sharing […]


You know I’m getting a little carried away with the whole gardening thing when I start pricing compost bins. They’re outrageous, by the way. Some cost as much as $200. Maybe that sounds normal to […]

At War I Am

I lost a pepper plant. It’s a sad day. It died some time during the night. I checked on my plants after the storm last night. They were fine, if a little wind blown. This […]

The Garden of Good Intentions, Part 2

I took a day off today. This wasn’t a day when I didn’t go to the office because I had meetings elsewhere. I just didn’t go. I didn’t grade. I didn’t do any part of […]

The Garden of Good Intentions

I should have spent yesterday grading. I mean I really should have. I was mentally recovering from putting on a symposium (along with Sheldon Walcher, Kim Walker, and others) at USM on digital composition. I […]

To Do, To Do, To Do

Today I’m facing up to the to do list I’ve done my best to ignore all week. I hardly have time to blog at all. I’m trying to write a book today. Or at least […]