February 22, 2024

I took a day off today. This wasn’t a day when I didn’t go to the office because I had meetings elsewhere. I just didn’t go. I didn’t grade. I didn’t do any part of my job. I took an actual day off. For landscaping. There were landscapers about ready to scape, and I had no plants to put into my land. You can’t just blow off landscapers. They might not ever come back.

I sent a message to work that I was taking a personal day, and I went to Home Depot. I thought I would go pick up a few plants and then sit on the patio watching the process unfold. Maybe I’d grade and feel a little perturbed about doing that on a day off.

Wrong. I didn’t grade. I didn’t sit. I went to Home Depot five times. They love me now. We’re best friends.

I don’t know how I managed to feel so tired when other people were doing the work, and we didn’t even finish, but there you have it. Landscaping is exhausting.

But I now have a little scape.


The mulch hasn’t gone in yet, and the plants need to grow a little, but it really looks very nice from the road, or at least much nicer than it did before.

My raised beds in the back are also closer to being ready for plants.


The second one is especially more advanced considering it was not completely assembled yet as of my last report.


I also have some potential fruit started.


A couple of peach trees, a couple of blueberry bushes.

A blackberry trellis.


Yes, that’s right. A blackberry trellis. The landscapers laughed at that too. I did in fact put a flimsy trellis up in my yard for the purpose of growing blackberries. I bought blackberry vines at Home Depot.

We got it all put together. I stood back smiling. Then I turned my head to look at my neighbor’s debris pile a few feet away from my blackberry trellis.


I wonder what that is growing all over his pile of dead limbs, and I wonder where he bought the vines.

And that, friends, is everything I and the people doing the work for me accomplished today. It seemed like a lot at the time.

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