There's Always One


There’s always one. No matter if you are a turtle or a duck,
one among you is headed his own way, probably without
even noticing what the others are up to. It is human nature,
they say, and animal nature, I suppose, to conform, to stand
in line just because the world is in a line, like my friend
who stood thirty minutes once in a random queue
in London before even asking what he was queuing for.

If you’re that turtle, though, headed your own way
just because your thoughts are caught up inside
your head instead of out…if you’re that duck,
life will be hard, so hard. You’re going to bring
the swamp grass down on yourself. You’re going to
walk miles through city street looking for the one
place you want to be even if you have no notion yet
of what or where it is while your friends are happily,
without question, talking to strangers in lines.

But that’s okay. Go ahead and be yourself.
And come back soon to tell us what you found.

**Free write #2 written in yesterday’s journaling workshop.

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